Class # 5 – Instructor: Wanda Reichert
Shallow Relief - Skill level: B -- Cost: $25.00 per day + $10.00 for wood - 3 one (1) day classes Monday - Wednesday

Wanda will teach three -1 day shallow relief carving classes of a small project on a 8”x10” board. Students may choose one, two or three days. You will learn to carve a scene of your choice. Then burn and paint the scene. Wanda will provide pattern, graffiti paper and paint. Students will need 1” flat gouge, 3/16” flat tool, hook blade knife, paint brushes and a wood burner with tips. If you would like additional information about this class you may email Wanda at:
About Wanda Reichert: Wanda began carving in 1990. She went to a TWG meeting with hubby, Danny Reb, and attended Claud Bolton’s painting class. Jack Price challenged nine (9) non carvers to carve a wildflower on a #2 pencils. She won first place and was hooked. Wanda has taught classes of relief carving since 1993 and realistic fish since 2003. Wanda travels to teach seminars and judge many shows each year. She loves sharing the art of woodcarving.