Class # 6 – Instructor: Lance Rath
Shorebird Decoy Carving Class - Power Carving - Skill level: I, A -- Cost: $40.00 per day + $30.00 for additional blank/eyes - Monday - Friday - choose any number of days, Minimum students: 1 per day,
Maximum: 6 per day

Project is a Shorebird Decoy.  Take three (3) days or more of instruction and the instructor will provide band sawn blank and glass eyes, at no charge, to each student. Decorative decoy or with full feather detail. This project may be finished without the use of power tools; however using rotary tools will speed completion of the project. All acrylic paints and wood sealer for this project will be provided. 
One or two (1-2) day classes are available with an additional $30.00 cost for blank/eyes.  Students must bring knives, gouges, safety gloves, sandpaper, foredom or other rotary grinder with bits, wood burning tools, dust collectors, extension cords, paint brushes and paper pallets. If you would like any additional information about this project feel free to phone Lance at 713-598-6780 or email:
About Lance Rath: Lance began carving as a young boy, working from instructions he found in a magazine. Today Lance is an award-winning carver having received honors on numerous occasions.