Class # 10 – Instructor: Jerry McNulty
Saloon Cowboy : - Skill level: B, I, A 
Cost: $35.00 per day -  Monday - Friday
Maximum: 12 per day

Jerry is offering 2 - 2 day classes of carving Monday-Thursday of the Saloon Cowboy.
Jerry will provide all materials for this project.  Friday is optional for painting and finishing. You will need standard carving tools. 

About Jerry McNulty:  (AKA) The Whistling Whittler.
Jerry and his wife Amy live in Kingsbury, Texas with their two children. Jerry started his carving life carving architectural details in cement and plaster. Since discovering wood carving at scout camp with his son, Jerry has become really passionate about the art of woodcarving. Jerry enjoys sharing his carving skills using multiple learning techniques to help the learner understand the project from different angles.