Class # 4 – Instructor: Harry Seurkamp
Kachina Dolls - Skill level: B,I,A -- Cost: $25.00 per day + $15.00 - $35.00 per blank - _____ day  Monday - Friday - choose any number of days,  Minimum students: 4 per day, Maximum: 8 per day

Harry will be teaching how to carve a Kachina Style Doll. Class includes everything needed to finish Kachina Doll. There will be one “body style”. Students may choose any one of 10 different “masks”.  If you want to woodburn (not required) your project please bring your own wood burner and extension cord. The masks can be seen on Harry’s website: or email him at :
About Harry Seurkamp: Harry has been carving for 27 years and instructing for 20 years. Harry has taught all over Texas and at Creede, Colorado. He carves Kachina Dolls, fish, some birds, Santa’s, Caricatures and Realistic Animals. When I instruct, I like to use the student’s tools to demonstrate. There are several reasons for this. First, I want to see if your tools are sharp or if you have a technique problem. Secondly if you ask me to do something to your carving and you must repeat the action to the opposite side you may not have the exact same tool. You may be limited on tools, so we make do with what you have. I will only carve on your piece if you ask me to. I believe a carving class sounds to be fun and not work. If you would like any additional information about this project feel free to 
email harry at