• Only Registered Exhibitors, (those that have a show table for display and are present during show hours) may enter the judging competition.
  • SHOW TABLE will be 6’ x 30” and must be covered on top and four sides. Sides should touch the floor.  Any opening must be at the back of the table. Two exhibitors (Exhibitor A and Exhibitor B) may share one table.
  • No Mail In or Brought In Entries will be allowed to be entered for judging.
  • All participants are responsible for collection and payment for any applicable Taxes.
  • AWARDS & JUDGING decisions of the Show Judge are final.
  • Only the Judge and Judging Committee will be allowed in the judging area.
  • The Show Judge will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards and if deemed appropriate, Honorable Mention awards will be given.
  • Categories with less than three entries may be judged at the discretion of the judge. 
  • Entries must be less than two years old. You may enter two carvings per category. Any carving which has won a Blue Ribbon in any show may not be entered.
  • JUDGING STANDARDS are as follows: each entry in each category.  1- Originality & Design,  2- Skilled Executions,  3- Surface Finish,  4- Final Representation
  • Tags, inside your packet, must be attached to all your entries to be judged and must be presented to the judging committee table when each category is called for.  
  • The Judging Committee will register by name, table number and category. All entries must remove any identifying labels and names must be covered.  
  • No entries will be accepted after judging for that category has started. Judge and judging committee are given the privilege to move or eliminate entries between Groups and Categories or remove an item if it is an offensive subject at the time of judging to assure fairness and professionalism.
  • The BEST OF SHOW award will be selected by the show judge.  From all Blue Ribbon winners.
  • The BEST OF TABLE award will be selected by the show judge. 
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE award will be chosen by those attending the show.                                                        
  • CARVER’S CHOICE award will be selected by all exhibitors.                               
  • CHAMBER’S CHOICE will be selected by the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce from participating entries.