Class # 1 – Instructor: Carolyn Halbrook
Chip Carving and/or Wood Burning - Skill level – BIA- Cost – $35.00 per day + $2.00 -$65.00 per project
Monday - Thursday - choose any number of days,  Minimum students: 4 per day, Maximum: 10 per day 

Students may choose any number of days (1 - 4) and do a different project each day. It is recommended that beginning students and those working on larger projects take two (2) or more days. Instructions for each level will be available each day, depending on each student's needs. Chip Carving: instructor will provide a practice board to learn how to hold the knife and learn many basic cuts, including four different types of rosettes. Lettering instructions are also available. There is a large assortment of projects to choose from, small to large, functional and decorative. Classes have many group demonstrations as well as frequent one-on-one instruction. Students will need a chip carving knife. Wood Burning: you will need a variable-temperature wood burner with J-tip, K-tip, C-tip or comperable shader, skew and writing tip. A light may be helpful. If you have any questions about the class, knives, projects, etc., please feel free to email Carolyn at
About Carolyn Halbrook: Carolyn began chip carving in 2000 at a seminar she attended with her husband, Dee, she became fascinated and in love with chip carving. She has been chip carving ever since. Carolyn also teaches woodburning. Winning many awards for her painting, woodburnings and carvings. Carolyn has also been a judge at many competitions. For her full bio visit her website:  
Some of Carolyn’s work